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Many of you are already set up to receive trade notifications via email when a trade is executed within your Scottrade account.If not, it is super easy to activate these email notifications by visiting the My Account tab, clicking on the My Information & Preferences link, and choosing whether or not you would like to receive trade notifications for completed transactions only or for partial and completed transactions.

Most people use trade notifications to know when their limit orders execute. Trade notifications, however, can also be used to protect against identity theft. If you have trade notifications activated and someone fraudulently executes a trade in your account you will be notified immediately via email.

In order for the alerts to be most effective it is important to maintain a valid, and frequently monitored, primary email address with Scottrade. To check the email address you have on file with Scottrade you can visit the My Information & Preferences link or check out the upper right corner of the Home tab where it is also displayed.

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Posted by Web Trader on Apr 30, 2008 10:23 AM CDT

    As of April 15th Scottrade began offering Market Edge’s Second Opinion Report within the Quotes and Research Section of the web site.  To access these reports pull a detailed quote on the symbol you are interested in and look under the PDF reports section.

     The Second Opinion report pulls information from quantitative models that analyze a stock’s supply and demand characteristics to predict the stock's potential to go up or down.  A long opinion suggests that the stock is in demand and should likely go up.  An avoid opinion indicates that the stock is in oversupply and should go down.  The report covers more than 40 technical factors and offers an easy to understand explanation of a stock’s technical condition.

    Currently, Scottrade clients have access to the Second Opinion Weekly Report which becomes available on Friday evenings.  If you are interested in the Second Opinion Daily report you can purchase a subscription to Market Edge for $19.95 a month( click on the Second Opinion Daily Report link).

Posted by Web Trader on Apr 24, 2008 10:57 AM CDT

Are any of you wondering what to do with the money you just contributed to your IRA?  With the plethora of investment options available it is certainly overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

One suggestion would be to try out the powerful screening tools within the Quotes and Research tab of the Scottrade site. The screeners for stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs give you the ability to quickly narrow down investments options based on your selected criteria.  Main topics for the screeners include-

The Stock screener - market segment, price performance, earnings and dividends, and fundamentals.

The Mutual Funds screener- mutual fund basics (i.e. load type, transaction type, fund family), total return performance, fundamentals, and Lipper leaders.

The ETF screener - ETF Basics (i.e. asset type, classification, fund family), Total return performance, Fundamentals, and Lipper leaders.

Of course, there are many additional criteria within these main topics, but instead of listing these out I recommend that you try it out for yourself.  The screeners are very easy to use; just select your criteria and click view matches to display a list of results.   Hopefully, these tools will help kickstart your research.


Posted by Web Trader on Apr 22, 2008 11:04 AM CDT

Let’s start with the following assumptions-

1. You are a self directed online trader

2. You received a 1099 for tax year 2007

These assumptions are pretty safe amongst members of the newly formed Scottrade community, right?So does it follow that people who are comfortable making their own investment decisions are also comfortable preparing their own taxes?

If you have a second please respond to the survey below.

How do you prepare your taxes?

This year I was comfortable using an online tax preparation service. I used the online Turbo Tax product that was made available to Scottrade clients through the Turbo Tax/Scottrade microsite. In general, Turbo Tax made it very easy to import my financial information. For example, I was able to automatically import my W2 info from my employer and my 1099 transactional info from Scottrade into the Turbo Tax site.The site also guided me step by step through any potential deductions and credits that were applicable to my tax return. When finished I simply E- filed the return and was done.

One thing I didn’t like about the import process was that my 1099 information did not include cost basis.I had to go back and calculate cost basis for all closing transactions brought over during the import.One way around this would have been to use the Gainskeeper application within the Scottrade web site to export a TXF file( which includes closing transactions and cost basis) to my local PC and then import this file into Turbo Tax.This functionality, however, was only available for Scottrade clients within the downloadable Turbo Tax product and not the online product.

Scottrade is not in the tax business. That being said, we still want to make sure that tax related info, resulting from trades within your Scottrade account, is readily available and easy to access. How was tax season for you this year? Any feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.

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Posted by Web Trader on Apr 17, 2008 12:02 PM CDT

It has been a long winter here in St. Louis, MO. The cold and snowy winter months were followed by a wet and dreary month of March.  This past weekend I looked out my window to see snow falling.  

Maybe, just maybe, the end is in sight.  Today’s forecast calls for a sunny 60 degree day… spring at last. 

So in the spirit of spring, and all things new, I would like to introduce this blog.  My name is Patrick and I am a product specialist for the Scottrade web site.  Of course, I plan to blog about the Scottrade web site, but I would also like to expand the scope of this blog to cover any topic that concerns the online trader.   Also, please let me know what you want to talk about.  The lines of communication are open and I want your feedback!

Before I finish up for today( April 15) I want to include a couple of last minute tips for tax filers out there that plan on using the Scottrade web site to finish their return.

-         Your 1099 is available within the Account history link within the My Account tab.

-         The 1099 form does not include cost basis information.  A supplemental form is included within the 1099 but it only details transactions that were opened during the 2007 calendar year.  To calculate your cost basis use your statements, confirmations and transactions sections located within the Account history link.  The Gainskeeper application, also in the My Account tab, is another available tool for tracking cost basis.

-         Scottrade has partnered with Turbo Tax this year to offer our clients a discount on both the Turbo Tax online and download products.  If you are an active trader the Turbo Tax download product is your best bet because it handles more transactions(around 2,500 trades) than the online version( around 500 trades).  For more info visit .

-         Today is your last day to make a contribution to an IRA for tax year 2007, please visit  for more information. 

Posted by Web Trader on Apr 15, 2008 8:58 AM CDT

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